How to Draw a Dragon and Castle

How to Draw a Dragon and Castle
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Like always start with making the guides. In this case you will begin with the torso, wing, neck, and head guides.


Start sketching out the shape of the head in a side view pose or profile pose. The mouth is open, and the back part of the head is frilled.


Carefully take the time to sketch in the razor sharp teeth to both the top and bottom jaws. Once that is done add some shading inside the mouth, then draw in the tongue. Sketch in the nostril hole, then add the scales scattered on the face. Draw the    


The head and face is all set. Sketch out the long neck which is lowered down, then sketch in the shoulders, some of the back and then the left arm. Dragon limbs are very defined with muscle so be sure to detail the muscle definition.


Sketch out the talon and nails like so, then sketch in the scales that are scattered all over the body starting with the neck. Once that is done you can tackle step six.


Before tackling the task for the wings, you will draw out the back part of the body, then draw the bent up back leg. Add more scales, then draw in the large mid open wide wings. Take your time as you sketch out the wing arches. Draw the definition on   


For now you can hold off with working on the dragon. You will now tackle the task of drawing the castle towers and the castle walls. Draw the notches on two of the towers and that includes the one that the dragon is sitting on.


You will carefully take your time as you sketch in every single stone that details the castle walls, towers and roofs. The stones are odd in shapes and sizes so don't try and make each one uniform. The rocks should be drawn to fit into one another.


Detail the wings with by adding the detailing to each one. Draw the tail, then erase the mistakes as well as the guidelines you made throughout.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can enjoy the task of coloring in your drawing on the castle and dragon you just drew and I'm sure you did a great job.

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December 2, 2013

Here is my take on a dragon and castle. I have always been a huge fantasy art fanatic and over the years I have come to be a massive lover of dragons and castle art combos. I love statues that are based on dragons and wizards, wizards and castles, wizards and crystal balls, dragons wizards and crystal balls, and dragons wizards crystal balls and castles. This lesson is going to show you "how to draw a dragon and castle", step by step my style. I wanted to draw the dragon in a crouched pose as it lays on top of the highest tower of the castle. As you can see by the picture the fire breathing dragon burned down the whole town within the castle walls, and now he is just waiting for everything to burn. He captured the castle and is the winner of this dragon/knight battle. You will take your time as you tackle this tut because there is a lot of detailing involved with the castle and the dragon. So grab those pencils and let's begin drawing a dragon and castle. I shall be back so stick around. I'm sure you will still be tackling this lesson by the time I return.

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