How to draw a dog

Artist: wolfywolfyluv / June 1, 2013

Step 1.

Just draw a simple circle or use the circle tool

Step 2.

Draw the shape shown on the picture for a muzzle

Step 3.

make some ears I love to do the ones on the picture

Step 4.

draw a collar to your dog

Step 5.

draw the eye if you want add the puples

Step 6.

draw the body and tail

Step 7.

erase the front of the body and add the front paw and back add the nose to muzzle too

Step 8.

erase the line that is close to the muzzle so the muzzle looks like it is attached with no line

Step 9.


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Artist: wolfywolfyluv
Date Added: June 1, 2013
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Tags: draw cartoon dog, how to draw dogshow to draw dogs
Description: just a simple dog I made I decided to make it into a tutorial