How to Draw a Tsunami, Tsunami, Tsunamis


The first thing we need to do is sketch out the foamy part of the tsunami's wave. This should be done slowly so you can get a nice looking view. Basically just sketch out a long line of curls in a stream and detail those curls.


Next, begin sketching out the raised stem of the wave. These waves can form to be over two hundred feet high, now that's amazing, mother nature at work.


Continue on by making light long slightly curved brush or pencil strokes until you have a stream of hair like lines that seem to disappear at the end.


Next, sketch out some small waves at the base of the tsunami waves, then add texture detailing to those too.


We will sketch in the small clouds for the cloudy sky.


Lastly, sketch out or draw the small palm trees in the distance. Actually, it's the palm trees that are close to the viewer. The waves are so big, they overpower the size the trees.


For the shading part of this tutorial, you'll be needing to use 3 varied graphite softnesses in order to accomplish the deep shadows of the waves. A 9B is the softest, and easiest pencil to use to quickly sketch down sheets of shadows. The 6B is grea   


This is an example of the stroke of shading and how it looks as it transforms from a very light stroke, to a very dark, and bold stroke. Use this technique within your sketches, the art will eventually pop depending on how skillfully you use hatching   


First, let's start with the misty part of the wave. This is going to be the lightest part of the wave since it is misty, ruptured water. First, shade with the 4B pencil a base plane of shadow. Don't shade to dark, you don't want really dark misty wav   


Next, time to sketch in shadows for the clouds. I sketched several strokes with a 4B and 6B pencil for this part. Once I've accomplished dark shadows, I once again, took a blender and smudged in the graphite strokes to soften them up. Afterwards, I w   


Then, taking my 6B and 9B pencils, I go ahead and sketch in dark strokes of shadows for the base of the wave, and leaving light shadows for the top. The reason the base is so dark, is because of the deepness of the water. This area has to be fairly d   


Then, shading a nice shallow layer of shades for the sand, take the whitout and paint over the clashing mist of the wave. No tsunami wave is ever complete without the mist below. Once you're done, you should have something similar to this. I hope you   

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February 9, 2013

Description: Hey guys, what’s popping in the artistic world today? Well, nothing much going on up here where I am, just some snow falling and gusty winds hitting the windows as I sit here and type out this tutorial description on "how to draw a Tsunami", step by step. I know this is a rather odd lesson, but it’s also a very legitimate one. I know its fun drawing landscapes of the sea, beach, or coast, but what about when you just want to sketch out a portrait of some waves. Now don’t get me wrong I know Tsunami’s are not your normal waves and people mistakes these massive curls of water to be tidal waves. The truth is, tsunamis are nothing more than multiple waves coming together in a long line. Things that can trigger a tsunami are earthquakes, eruptions from volcanoes, landslides, and other explosive related events that shake the earth’s core. Back in 2004 a massive tsunami hit the Indian Ocean and was responsible for the death of over two hundred thirty thousand people worldwide. It hit or affected fourteen countries that bordered the Indian Ocean. Just a couple years ago in 2011, a tsunami hit Tohoku, Japan where over fifteen thousand people were killed, over six thousand people were injured, and where over twenty seven hundred people went missing. One of the main reasons why I wouldn't live near or on a beach is because of the dangers to being exposed to one of these deadly wave trains. I can however show you all that drawing a tsunami is a very interesting concept to tackle as well as a very educational one. Have fun people and remember to rate, comment and fav. Peace out mi amigos!

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