How to Draw a Girl in a Bikini

Artist: J_Mac09 / April 26, 2011

Step 1.

So first we need guidelines. Draw in the lines for the head, upper torso, lower body, and arms and hands.

Step 2.

So lets start off here by defining the true face shape. Once you've gotten that, use the GL's to draw in your eyes, nose and mouth. Lastly, or firstly however you did it, draw in the hair, and then the neck.

Step 3.

This step is simple, but a bit tricky. From the neck, draw out the shoulders and draw a little mor to indicate the arms. Next is a little trickier; draw in the breasts. Remember that a girl's breasts aren't balls or balloons, they are affected by gra   

Step 4.

Next we take it down a notch and work on drawing in the torso. From your guidelines, you can draw in her slim figure. Remember, she's not anorexic so her body will curve and don't make her TOO skinny.

Step 5.

From here we will focus on her right (left side of drawing) arm. Notice that it hides behind her body a little bit so it's not showing entirely. Draw the hand too. Next draw her left (our right) arm, which bends out, then back in towards her hip and    

Step 6.

Last drawing step. Simple here, you will just draw in her legs. Don't make them too wide, but not too narrow either. You're almost done!

Step 7.

Lastly you just need to erase unnessessary guidelines. Hope you had fun drawing this! I know I did ^^. Till next time, CHA!

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Artist: J_Mac09
Date Added: April 26, 2011
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Description: Yo peeps, JMac's back with a fresh new tutorial for you. You've already guessed that its a girl, wearing a bikini/swimsuit. I originally drew the picture for a request in an art trade, but I thought it would be nice to share it with ya'll. So without furher adue, Tucker (That's me) is here with "How to Draw a Girl in a Bikini."