How to draw a cute clumsy penguin

Artist: ReptileLover / January 13, 2013

Step 1.

Draw a sideways egg type shape first.

Step 2.

Add the flippers next. Make sure you put one lower and one in a sort of 'waving' style.

Step 3.

Add the two feet, then do the under belly feathers. Also erase the line in between the lower flipper.

Step 4.

Now add the beak.

Step 5.

Add the cute eyes. Make sure the pupils are big to add the nice touch.

Step 6.

Now we are going to color it. You can stop now if you want and color it yourself, or stick around. Color the beak and feet orange, and 1/3of the belly yellow.

Step 7.

Now just color the rest black. Of course your coloring will be better, I just colored it this way.

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Artist: ReptileLover
Date Added: January 13, 2013
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Description: Hey guys! Made this a while ago but didn't upload it. This is a very easy tut on how to draw a cute clumsy penguin.