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How to Draw a Jackalope

Artist: jolly / January 7, 2015
How to Draw a Jackalope

Step 1.

Lets start with drawing three circles, kind of like a snowman. Also draw the guidelines for the antlers.

Step 2.

The head should be sort of head shaped. The eyes should be round circles and fairly far apart from each other. For the mouth, draw a triangle noes, a smile sort of like the number three, and big square like buck teeth in front.

Step 3.

Next are the ears. Rabbit ears are straight up and very tall. They are round in the middle and end at a point. Also, draw four lines on each side of his cheeks to make his whiskers.

Step 4.

Finish off his head with the antlers. Antlers are not always perfect so if they they don't exactly the same that is fine!

Step 5.

Use the two bottom circles for a guide to draw the rest of the body. The chest should be puffed out, and his back should be hunched over. The bottom part of his body should be flat.

Step 6.

Next are the jackalopes arms. The arms should go down, then back up, then down again to form a round paw. The paw should have three lines on each to indicate his fingers.

Step 7.

Next the feet. For the top part the hind legs should be round. The bottom of his feet should big and long. The end should be round and show three lines for the toes.

Step 8.

Finally draw his big poofy tail!

Step 9.

Clean up your lines and it is time to color!

Step 10.

Time to color, I made my jackalope brown, but they can be any color.

Step 11.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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Artist: jolly
Date Added: January 7, 2015
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Tags: draw cartoon animals, how to draw rabbits, how to draw cartoons
Description: A jackalope is a mythical creature between a antelope and a rabbit. Here is a simple tutorial on how to draw one!