How to Draw a Cartoon Camel

Artist: Dawn / December 21, 2009

Step 1.

To draw a cartoon camel you will need to start by drawing out the shape of the camels head, ad muzzle. Next draw the long neck line and then attach it to another circle for the mid section of the cartoon camels body. Draw another smaller circle for t   

Step 2.

Start sketching out the camels head which includes the ears, and fluffy head of hair. Next draw the rounded cartoon like shape of the camels mouth and or muzzle.

Step 3.

You will now draw the lining shape of the jaw and then draw the thick shape of the cartoon camels neck as well as adding some defining detail. Next sketch out the eye, and then color in the pupil as well as a nostril hole. Draw the shapes of the hump   

Step 4.

You are almost done with this lesson, and all you have to do for step four, is draw the shapes of the camels front legs and feet. Once that is done add some detailing or definition to the skinny legs.

Step 5.

You are one more step closer to finishing this tutorial on "how to draw a cartoon camel". All you have to do now is sketch out the shape of the belly, and then draw the shape of the hind legs and feet.

Step 6.

For your last drawing step you will need to draw out the butt end of this cartoon animal, and then sketch out the shape of the mid-length tail. Finish drawing the back of the camel's leg, and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you    

Step 7.

This is what your cartoon animal comes out looking like when you are done. All you need to do now is have even more fun by coloring the camel in. That will end this tutorial on "how to draw a cartoon camel, step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 21, 2009
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Description: That was a pretty cool skull huh? I want to do a variety of stuff today which is why I decided to draw some animals as well. You all know that I have an old tutorial on โ€œhow to draw a camelโ€ right? Well, how about a tutorial that will show you "how to draw a cartoon camel", step by step. Since I already have a tutorial on a camel, I am not going to bore your ears off and talk about the same thing when it comes to facts about these massive spitting desert animals. Drawing a cartoon camel is fun, and easy. This lesson is going to be a lot easier to tackle, and complete, apposed to the realistic camel I drew almost two years ago. I always like drawing cartoon animals, it's a good way to release creative energy slowly with out veins popping out of my head from the difficulty associated with complex or heavily detailed drawings. A lot of the time I spend on my drawing stems from the coloring aspect of the lesson. It takes me longer to color in a drawing, than it actually does drawing it. Sometimes I will feel relieved when the coloring part of a drawing doesn't have to be so intense and definition filled. The cartoon camel that I will submit now, can be colored with some crayons, colored pencils, markers, or even paint. I drew the camel from the side so the artists and or viewer can get a good look at the humps and the hair that grows on the humps of the camel. I think you will have a blast learning โ€œhow to draw a cartoon camel, step by stepโ€ because in the end, you would have just completed one of the over two thousand tutorials on I will be back late folks, try this tutorial out, and be sure to get creative and add a cactus or two to decorate the background. You can even turn this cartoon camel into a Christmas camel! Peace peeps, and happy drawing!