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How to Draw an Epic Dragon

Artist: ReptileLover / November 24, 2012
How to Draw an Epic Dragon

Step 1.

I always start with the head, the most important part of the dragon. So for the head start from the opening of the mouth and make like a beak type thing with a nostril, and make a few bumps for his face.

Step 2.

Add detail like the teeth, the other nostril, the horns and the eye.

Step 3.

Next this step is about the fin type ear. First draw a curved line with a horn, then a smaller one next to it, and make some horns and some bite marks to show he has been mangled.

Step 4.

Now draw the neck and the belly part of that neck. Also draw the start of the wing, four horns along the back, and the start of the leg. Also at his elbow draw a little poof.

Step 5.

Finish the wings and his front legs. Also start drawing more of his back.

Step 6.

Finish the wings and his front legs. Also start drawing more of his back.

Step 7.

Now finish his tail, and that unique knob on his tail. Then draw his back legs.

Step 8.

Here it is!

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Artist: ReptileLover
Date Added: November 24, 2012
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Tags: draw dragons
Description: This is Poizzonkill, one of my dragons that I drew (I like drawing dragons) I'm going to try to make this a good tut but I don't have SAI so I'm doing this manually with my crappy camera. I. Put this on intermediate because it wasn't that easy to draw, I erased and erased until I think it was perfect, but you guys might find it easy.