How to draw a medieval dragon


This is the outline of the head. First make an upward motion, curving a little as it goes up. Then go from the point where you first started and make the cheekbone. Afterwards make a small triangle for the nose hole , and make a curving line close to   


Draw an eye underneath the curving line, and a hole shaded in for the mouth. Then go up to where you ended the forehead and draw one horn. Draw another in the back, and make more horns getting bigger every time, then decreasing. Draw a fin like ear    


Draw the neck, the belly, the wings, the horns, the legs.


The only thing left is the fire. After you draw that simple shape, color it with layers of red, yellow and orange. Then draw the dragon with layers of cool or warm colors.


The finished picture!

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November 7, 2012

Description: This is how to draw a medieval dragon, play nice this is my first tutorial!

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