How to Draw a Cartoon Lobster

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Draw the frame work for your cartoon lobster as you see here starting with the body first. You will then draw the three leg lines as well as the guidelines and shapes for the front arms and claws.


Start sketching out the actual shape of the lobsters body and then draw the shape of the long antenna that you see here. Once you are done, move to the next step.


You will work on getting the claws drawn including the shapes of the arms that are in two separate parts not including the claws. Add some minor detailing to the body shape, and proceed on.


Here you will draw more of the cone like body shape and then draw the short stubby legs that are on the sides of the body as you see here. A lobster not only has two claws, they also have a set of weight legs, four on each side, and under the abdomen   


For your last step, draw the remaining part of the body including the tail fin, and then draw the beady looking eyes as well as color them in. Erase the shapes and lines you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.


See, that wasn't so hard was it? Color in your lobster and have fun making some awesome posters, flyers, or decorative tableware. I hope you had fun, and I also hope that you will join me again.

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February 19, 2010

Description: What is maroon in color, has enormous claws, and looks like an oversized crayfish? Yup, lobsters! Spring is going to be here soon, and then we will all be looking forward to the warm summer months that'll be making it's way. There is some special crustaceans that I love to indulge in when this particular hard shell delicacy comes into season. I want to teach you guys "how to draw a cartoon lobster", step by step. Like a lot of animals I have submitted on the site, I already have a full tutorial on a regular lobster. In that lesson, I talk about the species and it's background. So if you want some good 411 on one of the tastiest critters in the ocean, have a look see at that specific tutorial. The cartoon lobster is drawn to be as easy as possible. There is no way that you can pass up a yummy looking drawing like this one to learn from. Lobsters are not red in color until they are cooked either by baking, steaming, grilling, or boiling. I never had a grilled lobster before but I can almost guarantee that it's incredibly heavenly. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of people out there that don't like seafood. I for one am a lover of almost any kind of seafood there is including octopus. The reason being is because my mother comes from a family that is of Portuguese decent. Having said that, you automatically know that Portuguese people love food from the sea especially fish. Anyway, I think you will have fun drawing a cartoon lobster. This is a perfect lesson to replicate if you have a family that has large barbecues and clam bakes in the summer. Make some fliers, paper napkins, or what have you, just by following the steps in this tutorial. I will be back in a few so keep the lights on if you can. Of not come back tomorrow to see what new submissions I uploaded. Peace out and happy lobster eating day!

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