How to Draw a Creature

Artist: Dawn / April 9, 2010

Step 1.

Draw some basic shapes and guidelines to form a frame for your character. There should be a shape for the head, neck, torso, legs, and arms. Once that is done add the face lines and move to the next step.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the jaw to this creatures face as well as the eyes, brow lines and forehead detailing to make the head look a bot like a skeleton.

Step 3.

Continue to sketch out the jawline as you see here, and then add some small bean like shapes that are actually small pieces of bone that form a beard. The creatures under-bite is emphasized by drawing some dominate looking teeth as you see here. Once   

Step 4.

You will slowly sketch out the feather like shapes that is growing out from the creatures head. Once that is done draw the form of the neck, both back and front, and then begin sketching out the creatures torso, arms, and legs. Add some defining line   

Step 5.

This creature has a bony looking back that is drawn into layers. Once you have drawn out the concept of the back, you can then sketch out the remaining shape of the arm, and almost all of the left leg. As you can see there is a horn sticking out from   

Step 6.

Draw the rest of the legs out, and then heavily detail the creatures body with defining lines to add texture to the surface. The hand also needs to be sketched in a bit as you can see.

Step 7.

For your last drawing step, sketch out the hooves, hands, and then add some feathers that are protruding out from the back. Detail the creatures legs, hands, and arms. You can now start erasing all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to cl   

Step 8.

Add some shading here and there, and then you have just finished this lesson on "how to draw a creature, step by step. You can choose to color this beast in if you like. As for me I kept it as a sketched image. That does it for this lesson, be sure t   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 9, 2010
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Description: Monsters come in all different shapes, sizes, and even colors. There is a bunch of monsters that are created through the hands of a creative artist. In this case the individual is not drawing a monster no more, instead he is drawing a creature. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw a creature", step by step. The art is a concept design that I drew yesterday while I was drawing live. I don't have an actual name for this creation, but that's perfectly fine. You can tackle this lesson that will teach you how to draw a creature, and keeping your fingers and toes. I did have an awesome time drawing out this character from my imagination, and if you follow the steps, you too will have a hand drawn creature too. Remember to tweak your drawings to make them unique, this way here you can say “I created that!”. I will be back in a bit with some more drawing fun!