How to Draw Chibi Jason

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First, start off with the basic body structure. Draw a large head with a flat base, a low eye line, a half oval for the shoulders, a half circle for the waist, and arm and leg guide lines. Notice the leg lines are slightly curved. This chibi will    


Now go ahead and draw the unclothed body. There are no defined fingers for this chibi, so do not worry about that! Remember how I said the toes will be turned in? Make sure to make the toe points towards each other with the slight leg curve.


Next, draw the eyes as though you were only drawing the lower half on an egg but slightly tilted so he looks angry. Draw that two triangles for his mask and the crest on his forehead. Draw his machete and draw another line just below the upper line   


Now you can draw the buckles for his mask. Make sure the buckles stick out a little to give the illusion of depth to the mask. Draw his jacket and pants outlines. Do not worry about fine details like the rips and tears in the clothing just yet.. t   


Next, draw the hole patterns on his mask, the outline of his shirt, the pockets and belt of his pants and the detail of his gloves. You will also be drawing the scraggly strands of hair coming out. If you are drawing by hand, you can create scraggl   


Finally you can add all the fine ripped details on the clothing. I gave a close up of one of the tears to give you an idea of how to start. Almost done!


Lastly, erase any extra lines you may have left over and pat yourself on the back! Good work! Now you can leave it as is, or add your own bit of flair like I did with the lines. Enjoy your coloring!

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November 7, 2010

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw Jason, the guy in the ski mask from the horror films!

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