How to Draw Bride of Chucky

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Start with a head shape, and then draw in the facial guidelines. When that is done add the neck line, and then the shoulder lines.


Sketch out the shape of Tiffany's lower face, and then add the eye lines, nose, and top lip like so. When that is done draw out the beginning of her neck.


Finish drawing out her eyes, and then add some detailing to the nose. When that is done, sketch out the mouth, eyebrows, and then her puffy hairstyle. Be sure to add detail and definition where it is needed like you see drawn in this third step.


Add shading to and around the eyes, and then color in the lips to add depth, and then add the lining for her teeth. Once that is done, you can sketch in the strand lines, and add some dimples and more shading.


Finish sketching out her upper body that is visible. Once that is done you can draw out her chocker necklace, and then be sure to draw in a cross. Now you can add the collar to her leather coat, and then some wrinkles and creases on the shoulder slee   


Here is how she looks when you are all done. Now you can color her in, and that's it. Hopefully you had a blast, as I did drawing her out. Great work everyone!

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October 29, 2010

Description: I bet you thought that things couldn’t get much better with the first lesson I uploaded today right? Well, surprise, surprise, I have another tutorial for you all of a character that is a cult favorite without a doubt. Today, I am going to upload Tiffany the doll from Bride of Chucky. She is one of my all-time favorite characters, and if you ask me the casting crew couldn't have chosen a better actress to play the character and voice of Tiffany than Jennifer Tilly. Even though she is an eccentric chic, Jennifer Tilly is one diva that does it all. She will literally play any character that they throw at her, and I think it’s because she is an open minded actress. Anyways, I know almost all of you guys have seen Bride of Chucky, and I also know that she probably doesn't need an introduction on who she is and what her whole purpose is. Even though I know you guys know all this information, I will still give you some basics. First off Tiffany wasn’t always a doll. She was a regular human being that was on a search for her love Chucky or Charles Lee Ray. Once she found the doll that was all discombobulated, she worked as hard as she could to stitch him back together again. Once she was done, she recited a chant to bring Chucky back to life. After he comes back to life, he turns her into a doll as well. Now the two must struggle to find two bodies to transport their souls in so they can turn back into humans. Anyways, that is all I’m going to spill the beans on, I will let you guys watch the movie for the rest of the 411. Now it’s time that you have fun learning "how to draw Tiffany" from Bride of Chucky, step by step. Peace to all you peeps out there and that’s for viewing this lesson.

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