How to Draw a Scary Clown

How to Draw a Scary Clown
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Alright, before we go into any major detailing, we must start with the basic foundation. This way, you'll proportion the face pretty accurately. I would consider using a blue erasable pencil to draw the guides, so you'll know what lines to erase late   


Next, work on the framing of the face. This is essential because it will help aid you on what to draw inside of the face. You can't just draw a random nose and eyes without the face frame! Remember, keep the sides of the chin very curved for the fat    


Then, draw the large lips, making sure that it's being hidden beneath the circular nose. These lips will emphasize a total psychotic attitude for your clown. Add frowning eyes and the rim of the tiny top hat. Remember, you can stylize your own hat if   


Next, we work on drawing the flaming hair and razor sharp teeth. You can add boxy like teeth (similar to Batman's the Joker). A little tip: draw the top row before you start with the bottom. Adding hints of gum will add a sense of realism which gives   


Lastly, finish off the hat and detailing on the bow. To add a more eerie and disturbing feeling to your scary clown, add wrinkles beneath the eyes. This will give a sense of a seriously wrong clown! You don't want to see this guy in the circus! You c   


Erase all the useless guidelines and you should have a fully polished drawing! To make things much cleaner, use a Micron inking pen to ink over you drawing, with care. You can post this on your wall, scan it, show it to your friends, or simply color    

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October 18, 2010

Hey guys! It's Dawn here with another fun and interesting lesson on “<em><strong>how to draw a scary clown</em></strong>”! I was looking around in my email in-box and found a request that wanted to a tutorial to “<em>draw a scary clown</em>”. Thinking to myself, it was not a bad idea! Clowns in general, are pretty scary looking because of all that bright makeup. The ones that seem the creepiest, would have to be the ones with large hairy sideburns, white face paint, red lips, nose, cheeks, and a hat that may resemble a party hat or a top hat. I must have visited a circus two times. One was when I was around ten years old, and the other was when I was twelve. There was this really cool spherical stage thing where some type of motorcycles were driving around in it. They were looping everywhere, without crashing into one another. Anyways folks, I have to go now. I hope you'll enjoy this lesson on “<em>drawing scary clowns</em>”. Have fun and don't give up!

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