How to Draw Scary Clowns

Artist: KingTutorial / June 7, 2011

Step 1.

Welcome to the "How to Draw Scary Clowns" tutorial! I'm going to take you through drawing a scary clown head, as well as a full-body character drawing. To get started, draw a clover-like shape for the nose and add some bushy eyebrows. The triangular    

Step 2.

Next draw a pair of simple eyes and a simple curve for the smile. Follow this by drawing the cheeks and outlining the ears.

Step 3.

Now we'll draw the upper teeth. Remember that with realistic teeth, the middle four are rectangular. The next two outward are the sharp canine teeth. Draw wrinkles connecting from the corners of the mouth to the sides of the nose, above the nostrils.

Step 4.

After drawing the lower teeth, use large curves to outline the lower lip.

Step 5.

Here we'll draw the chin with a square-ish shape and continue our line to draw the bulge of the jaw beneath the ear. Draw the sides of the head and place a pom pom on top.

Step 6.

Now it's time for the hair. Normally I'd use cloud-like shapes with soft curves to draw a clown's hair. For this guy, let's use jagged lines to make him look a bit rougher. After this draw some flower shapes around the neck area, like a necklace.

Step 7.

Using the pom poms as a guide, use large curves to draw a wacky clown collar. Since this guy is really rough and scary, add some holes and tears to the fabric.

Step 8.

Now it's time to add the details. Add pupils and veins to the eyes. Draw the inner part of the ear. Add a little clown paint beneath the eyes. Then feel free to add a bunch of wrinkles and scratches to make this guy look really frightening.

Step 9.

Now let's take a *very* quick look at some other shapes for clown heads. A simple way of constructing an exaggerated head is to use a circle for the cranium and another circle for the lower half of the face and jaw. With those guide lines in place, d   

Step 10.

Using the guide lines, draw the overall shape of the head. Then draw in the cheekbones and upper lip.

Step 11.

Time to add the ears and mouth. Not every clown has to have the standard toothy grin. You can draw a sad, grumpy clown, or a wild, screaming clown. It's good to mix it up.

Step 12.

Draw different details on each of your characters so they don't all look the same. Different hairstyles and hats are an easy way to create a different look. Also experiment with different types of irises within the eyes, as well as different textures   

Step 13.

Now let's begin our full-body character. To start it off, draw the clown nose and then the eyes. Next draw some ovals around the eyes (think panda bear), and then outline the cheeks and upper lip.

Step 14.

Next draw the cranium and ears. You'll notice I'm using very wobbly lines. For a gnarled character like this, you can get away with drawing flesh this way. This isn't a cute clown. It's a creepy clown. It already looks disturbing, doesn't it?

Step 15.

Oh my goodness... Time to draw the inner part of the ears and then the teeth. Let's give this guy some nice, sharp, scary teeth. I already think I'm going to have nightmares. Did I mention how much I hate clowns??? *ahem* Draw some wrinkles on the "e   

Step 16.

Draw a square jaw for this ugly sucker. Actually, in my head I think I wanted a clown with no lower jaw, so you could imagine that shape is the neck instead. It works either way at this stage. Next draw a boxy, flower-like shape around the neck for a   

Step 17.

Let's start on his right arm. He's wearing very baggy clothing. It's going to be skinny at the shoulder and wider toward the wrist. Remember to draw the rounded shoulder, and wrinkles for the armpit and elbow. At the wrist, I want him to have some fr   

Step 18.

Claw hands. Gotta love 'em. The main thing here is to draw some large, wrinkly knuckles. The claws are thick, pointy and dangerous. The repetition of pointy shapes ties this portion of the drawing together with the sharp teeth on the head. Try to kee   

Step 19.

Now we'll draw the body. His outfit is quite like a large garbage bag. At the bottom, draw wrinkles out and upward to create a sense of roundness.

Step 20.

Draw the second arm, and finish the details on the first wrist cuff. Then draw the lower legs. The clown's knees are actually hidden within the outfit, so only part of the shin and ankle are exposed. The little "U" shapes you see will become part of    

Step 21.

Draw the second hand and add knuckles and veins to both hands.

Step 22.

Now draw the clown shoes. These are a bit more beat-up than your typical, cartoony clown shoe. Still, the feet are rather long and exaggerated. The "U" shapes from earlier help create the illusion of us looking down at the shoes somewhat.

Step 23.


Step 24.

Add some stripes and other details to the costume to make it clear that this is indeed a clown, and not just some freaky monster-child.

Step 25.

The finished Scary Clown! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial :D Please feel free to leave feedback and be sure to post your art when finished drawing!

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