How to Draw a Beast

Artist: Dawn / December 12, 2010

Step 1.

Alright, let's begin with drawing the very basic body foundation frame to create a beast as close as the one being drawn in the picture above. Constructing the guidelines can be a dilapidation to your patience since this tutorial is very complex. Use   

Step 2.

Now, it's time to start designing the outer body as well as the face. Take your time as this can cause a frustration in the long run. It's best to ease your urges of rushing and to stray from abdicating the drawing tutorial. Be sure to get every sing   

Step 3.

Next, it's time to sketch the legs and arms of your beast. Sit down and think on how your mutated creature will use each of its body part to aid it's functions. I drew the legs twisted and the feet bent backwards because this creature can retract the   

Step 4.

Then, draw the fingers as well as the rest of the limbs. The claws should have time put into them as they can be hard to replicate on paper. Don't forget to add the cool features to the face and the arm at the end of the leg. See how cool he's turnin   

Step 5.

Lastly, take your time and sketch the details for your beast drawing. If you want, you can add your own details that will spice of the design even more!

Step 6.

With initial clean up, shading, and maybe advanced inking, you should result with something similar to this. Taking your time will advance in your drawings. I would recommend to ink your drawing with Micron pens, which are well efficient for smooth l   

Step 7.

In my drawing program, I used a color tweaking filter to make the image seem more cold than warm. I wanted the beast to seem it's been venturing the gloomy caves of the mountainous terrain it bestows in, and reflect that in its color scheme. Anyways,   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 12, 2010
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Tags: how to draw horror
Description: Well, it's late at night and I'm very very busy which is a straining my dilapidated brain! The drawing I really want to present to you is pretty epic in my eyes, and was highly inspired by a video game “Dead Space” as well as several songs by “Marilyn Manson” and “Metallica”. I could see this beast being featured in a video game like “Doom” or “Dead Space” themselves. I'll be guiding you in a step by step process on “how to draw a beast””. Noticing that there weren't any tutorials on beasts present, I've created one to satisfy your needs. There really isn't any pointers or anything but rather a guide to "draw a beast". The process of this drawing was very discomfiting due to the bendy and twisted joints featured in the anatomy. This beast's history had to accommodate it's new mutation from the decaying nuclear blast being tested on mountains. Of course, accidentally, there were homes nearby and strong billows of radiation caused the manifestation of revolting organisms. These mutated creatures that were once normal, have become violent and surged with a hunger for destruction. I know the background story sounds cliché and lame, but it's hard to manifest ideas quickly in this short paragraph. Anyways, I hope this cool tutorial will change the site's appearance for a while. I've been longing for a creepy but epic creature drawing so it's time to introduce you on “drawing beasts”. Thanks so much for viewing and I hope you'll achieve drawing this creature in a satisfying manner!