How to Draw an Anime Demon

Artist: Dawn / January 13, 2017

Step 1.

Let's start by drawing a wire framed outline of the anime demon you will be drawing. Draw a circle, and then draw the long middle line for the body which starts in the middle of the demons head. Once that is done draw the beginning lines for the wing   

Step 2.

Now sketch out the shape of the face, and be sure to include the pointed demon ears, and to dress up the anime being, add some hair on the head like so. See, so far this tutorial is turning out top be rather easy right?

Step 3.

Taking the idea from a jack-o-lantern, draw the same kind of mouth like you see here. Or if you like you can sketch out your own style mouth to make the anime demon unique. Draw two eyes, and make sure one eye is smaller than the other. Lastly, draw    

Step 4.

Continue to draw out the anime demon wings, and as you can see they look a lot like bat wings. The fingers, and arms also needs to be drawn out as well. Begin the drawing process for the chest too.

Step 5.

Draw the anime demon arms, and creepy looking hands, and then draw more of the body shape which will look wispy in the end.

Step 6.

Finish off this character drawing by sketching out the tail, and the arrow tip that is at the end. Erase the lines and shapes to clean up this drawing so you have a nice clean image to color in if you choose to.

Step 7.

When your drawing is free of debris and the lines are gone, you should have an awesome looking anime demon like the one you see here. I hope you had fun, and be sure to join me again tomorrow for more drawing fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 13, 2017
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Description: Wow, what a long and winding day. Let's do a quick recap of the lessons I submitted thus far shall we? Let's see, today I submitted chibi Lady Gaga, a cigarette, Torchic, Ren and Stimpy, Mr. Hanky, and Holo. I will now submit my last tutorial for the day which is going to be on “how to draw an anime demon", step by step. I don't know if you guys know but, there are such things as anime monsters, beings, fantasy creatures, and basically anime everything. I really think that this drawing of an anime demon is probably one of the best demons I drew to date. I love how I kept the coloring basic, just black, white, and gray where the shades that was used. The inspiration came from the dark evil being from Samurai Jack's demon, Aku, and from the demons from Kingdom Hearts called “the heartless”. Although this drawing may look a bit complex to replicate, I assure you, this lesson is going to be a lot easier than you think. Drawing anime demons, or anime monsters is something that I'm going to tap into for a while because I believe that this concept will one day become extremely popular. This idea is perfect for me because I already love drawing anime/manga style which means drawing manga demons and anime monsters is going to be an adventurous journey. Artistically speaking of course. If you want to play with your anime demon when you're following the steps to draw it out, that would actually be a fantastic idea. I always encourage artists to customize their drawings that they learn from on the site, to stay creative, and to have those artistic juices constantly flowing. Anyway, this is a wicked fun lesson that I think you will all enjoy. Meet me back here tomorrow with more drawing tutorials that are sure to please. Peace out people, and enjoy your Saturday night, or day!