How to Draw a Phoenix, Fire Bird


Beaks can come in different shapes, and you can change them to look more like any bird you want. You can have a sharp beak like that of a predatory bird or a smaller wider and more friendly looking sort of beak.


They can have ordinary feathers or you can have them have flames in place of those feathers, giving them flaming crests, wings and tails, or you can mix and match till you get what you want.


But before you can get to the fire, it's good to know exactly how the heat effects the colors. Colors normally said to be cool such as blue purple and white, are actually at the hotter end of the heat color spectrum. At the same time, warm colors lik   


Here is an example of how the coloring of fire works. As you can see the origin of the fire is where it is hottest and as it moves out into the air, the heat gets dispersed and the color becomes more read.


Now to get started. We'll start with a round head and then we'll draw a sort of heart shape for the body. From there we'll bring lines out for the feet, wings and the tail.


We'll define the shape of the head, leaving the crest for another step and we'll bring the neck down and form the shape of the chest.


Then we'll draw in the features of the face, drawing in the eyes and the beak as well as drawing in the crest at this point.


Now to draw in the feet. You can give your phoenix three toes or four, it's up to you. The muscles of the legs stop and give way to the thinner calf of the bird and then goes the talons/toes.


Then the left wing. I'm doing feathered wings here. Remember that there are primary feathers (the longer ones) and secondary (the shorter fluffier ones. You can do fire here if you wish.


Then the right, doing it in the same way as the left.


Now it's tail time. I'm doing a fire tail here but once again, do either the flames for the feathers, it's your choice.


And now you have a phoenix. Now you can color it. Remember to keep colors going from red and on when you're coloring fire parts. Hope you had fun.

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December 29, 2012

Description: Wooo! On a roll tonight. Got one here on phoenixes too if you're interested. Come and take a look and I'll show you some more nifty tips and give you some know-how on how to draw these awesome birds.

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