How to Draw Dwarves, Draw a Dwarf


First things first, you have to understand the height difference between a normal humanoid character (such as elves, human, ect) and dwarves. Drawrves are small and stout and sturdy and are just a bit taller than half the size of a normal human at mo   


Drawves also have alot of facial hair, well the men do atleast. As for the rest of their hair, you can do different down or braided styles and have have them resemble the beard. I have here some samples of different beards, mustaches and eyebrows. It   


Dwarf armor doesn't just come in a heavy variety. They can wear light armors as well, such as cloth and leather, though it will still be in a similar style as to the heavy armor. I have two examples here and you can mix and match elements from both t   


They can also use all sorts of weapons, not just axes and hammers. Dwarven made weaponry is more angular and straight (as shown here ), though they can still appreciate a well made weapon and will sometimes pick up a weapon of non dwarven make.


We're going to start with a short and stout base for our dwarf and have his hands up as if he's holding a two handed weapon with a long handle.


We'll draw and face and the ear after that and we'll draw the separation in the face where the beard is.


Beard and hair time. I'm giving my dwarf a rather bushy beard and drawing his hair the same as well as adding some details in the mustache and the way the beard grows out from under the bottom lip.


From there we can add a braid at the bottom if you like as well as add some details to show the direction of the hair, drawing lines down through the beard and hair.


Helmet time, just starting with the basic shape here. A dome over his head with a part coming down over his nose for protection.


Then add horns, rivets and a couple layers of metal. If you want to skip the whole helm part you can and draw hair or a hood instead.


Then we'll start drawing the top of his armor, drawing the pauldrons and the start of the chest piece as well as giving him some scale mail underneath.


Then comes the est of the chest piece and the rest of the armor that covers his torso.


He could use some arms, so let's go ahead and give him some. While we're at it, we'll give him some bracers and secure them with some bands of leather.


Hands next, giving his fists so he can grasp his weapon that we're about to draw.


The shaft of the weapon comes first, and from this you can create a short spear, an ax, a hammer or a mace or maul.


I chose to draw in an ax, though if you choose differently, you can reference the picture above, or you can do a little research and create something on your own.


Let's start finishing up his armor, giving him a tabard, a cloth belt and finishing off his scale mail.


Lastly, some legs and some armored boots so he's not walking around hurting his feet.


And done. You have a dwarf. Don't forget to upload yours and feel free to change things up from the way I drew them.

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January 2, 2013

Description: Alrighty everyone. This time I have a tutorial on drawing a fantasy race instead, just for you too. Dwarves. I even have some tips for you to use when you're drawing them such as height, beards, armor and weapons. Now get ready and we'll get on started with this tutorial.

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