How to Draw a Chibi Squid


Start out by drawing the shapes and guides for the squid you are about to draw. Sketch in the facial guidelines and then the stick guideline.


Next, we will begin to draw the squid's head shape and then the large circles for the eyes.


Complete the head shape and don't forget to draw in the squiggly line which are the squids fins. When that is done go ahead and draw in two of the tentacles or arms like you see here and then the handle.


You will now draw the staff part of the paddle or oar it is holding on to and riding.


Go ahead and raw in the other tentacle like so, and don't forget that small curl at the tip of the middle tentacle.


Finish drawing the oar, then add a dent for the nose and a cute smile. Also some blush marks on the cheeks.


For the last step you will simply color in the eyes to create a large bulging look. Erase the mistakes and all the guides too.


You are done. Now you can color in your chibi squid. I hope you had fun folks.

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November 19, 2021

Description: Hey guys. Welcome back to another lesson and today I have a total of 2. I will start with this adorable creature from the sea, but in chibi form. Here is how to draw a chibi squid, step by step. I myself love squids and not only to eat, but to adore. Anyways, I wanted to do something fun and colorful so here is the end results. I do hope you guys enjoy this lesson because I had a lot of fun making it. I will return with some other tuts so stay tuned in.

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