How to Draw a Chibi Shark


Okay, sharks have long bodies, so be sure to emphasize that when sketching the body. I'm going to include a shark fact for each step, by the way, and here's the first one: Sharks actually hate the taste of humans- most attacks are either provoked by    


Draw the shark's fins and mouth. Make sure he's smiley, okay? Shark Fact: 10,000,000 sharks are killed by humans every year. Less than ten humans are killed by sharks every year.


Draw his huge, shiny eyes, teeth, and gills. Shark Fact: Sharks are often out at dawn and dusk, so don't swim then- this is their hunting time (I guess to humans, it's a sharks "me" time). They'll be hungry, and blood can set them into a feeding fren   


Erase guidelines! You're done! Shark Fact: Sharks often mistake surfers for seals or turtles. Like humans, sharks have favorite meals, and seals and turtles are among said favorites.

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June 24, 2014

Description: Sharks are such misunderstood creatures. They are often hated, killed, and portrayed as bloodthirsty killers when all they are is just another animal, like humans! I drew this lesson hoping to lesson that fear and hatred, so I hope you guys enjoy.

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