How to Draw a Cute Chibi Snake


Now, before I start the tutorial, I'd like to request that you spare a bit of time to read my description. I have some things to say that I want my viewers to hear. Okay? Now, we start with the snake. He has an almost wormlike pose, which isn't somet   


This snake has large, shining eyes. In real snakes, large eyes with big, round pupils indicates a nonvenomous (technically, no snakes are poisonous. Poison is INGESTED, venom is INJECTED). In this beauty, it just means he's cute. Snake Bytes: In the   


Now we draw his tiny mouth, with a tongue flicking out to smell his surroundings. Snake Bytes: Venomous snakes aren't, like some people like to think (probably self-centered ones), venomous for the sheer purpose of hurting humans. In fact, snakes H   


Now erase guidelines and mistakes. You're done! Final Snake Byte: Like venomous snakes, constrictors also prefer to use their power to kill prey. Though Asian, African, and South American constrictors can get very large, only rarely to they attack,   

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June 24, 2014

Description: Snakes are seriously underappreciated. They do so much for humans and the environment, yet they are loathed, attacked, and often killed. So many false rumors and ideas fly around about them, yet I can confirm that the idea that these beautiful, marvelous creatures are evil and vile is totally untrue! Why? Because I'm the mom and best friend of Sage, my gorgeous baby corn snake. Because I love snakes so much, just as I love insects, arachnids, and other "creepy-crawlies", I made this tutorial. I've included many facts and I want you to share these with everyone you know, please? Do it if you love my tutorials ;)

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