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How to Draw a Giant Squid, Giant Squid

Artist: Dawn / October 1, 2011
How to Draw a Giant Squid, Giant Squid

Step 1.

make a small but not too small circle for the top portion of the squid and then draw a straight line through the shape and along your sheet of paper.

Step 2.

Next, begin drawing out the entire shape or outline of the squids mantle like so, and be sure the lining is a bit wavy.

Step 3.

You will now draw out the head, and the many shapes of the arms (which are the hair chunk looking strands), and then draw in the tentacles.

Step 4.

And finally, draw in the eyeball, color in a pupil, and then sketch in some creases and wrinkles around the eye, and suction cups at the ends of the tentacles. Clean up the drawing and you're done.

Step 5.

Well, I hope you liked learning how to draw a giant squid. I had fun, and I think you did or will too. Color in your finished works and submit your art.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 1, 2011
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Description: You know I had to at least do a tutorial on an animal of some sorts, or at least on a species that is still a very big mystery. I’m talking about a lesson on "how to draw a giant squid", step by step. As of right now, the giant squid is known to be the biggest living invertebrate on this planet. An invertebrate is an animal that has no vertebrates. What makes these aquatic animals so impossible to study is the complexity of getting to them. They live so far deep at the bottom of the sea, finding samples, or studying their way of life is almost nearly impossible. The last one that researchers ever got to study weighed in at nearly one ton. Along with the intense amount of weight, it was measured in at being fifty nine feet long. Let’s not forget the twenty four foot female giant squid that was caught by Japanese researchers back in 2006. What makes the giant squid different from the regular and colossal squid? If you think about it, nothing much is different, just maybe their SIZE and the areas they call home as they live in the ocean. I didn’t want to make a difficult squid to draw so I went ahead and made an easy to follow version. So what do you say we try out our skills with drawing a giant squid? I bet you’ll like every step of the way to completion. That’s it folks, I hope you enjoyed this drawing day. Peace out and adios!