How to Draw Patrick Star as a Pony

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For step one we will draw the head and body guides for your Patrick Star Pony. Sketch in the facial guidelines and then the neck and leg guides.


Here you will start to draw out the shape of Patrick pony's face. As you can see he has his typical expression on his face. Add the round circles for the big eyes and then draw in the nose slits and puckered line for the mouth.


I gave Patrick an ungroomed or unrefined look. You will draw in his mane which is a simple bowl cut that is rather long. Add the puffy sides of the messy mane and then his short ears.


We are ready to draw out the body. Begin with the neck and then draw the front legs and chest.


Here is the last drawing step. It may be a bit tricky because of the body pose, but just stay calm and take your time. Draw the back legs and hooves in a raised position because as we all know Patrick likes to sit all day and not move. This also expl   


That's it. You are all done. Now you can color in this version of Patrick Star as a Pony. I hope you all liked it.

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November 11, 2021

Description: Hello again everyone. Welcome back to another fun lesson here on Today I will quickly upload this lesson on drawing Patrick Star in a pony style or MLP pony style. I love the way Patrick came out and I can honestly say that I like how Patrick came out in pony form more than SpongeBob. Anyways, since this is a head on lesson you should be able to tackle this tutorial a whole lot easier. I will be back in a minute with another lesson so be sure to stick around or come back around.

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