How to Draw Bulbasaur From Pokemon

Artist: mstormw / January 30, 2013

Step 1.

Okay so just to get the basic shapes in first, draw some guidelines as shown.

Step 2.

Next, lets put in the basic shape of the head and stumpy ears. Note how the top half of the head follows the circle guideline, whereas the bottom of the head is flatter.

Step 3.

The next stage is to draw Bulbasaur's body and legs. Make sure that the majority of the body is covered by the stumpy legs, and note how the back uses the edge of the triangle guideline.

Step 4.

Draw in the details on Bulbasaur's feet nd the back foot that is mostly obscured. Each foot has 3 claw-thingyies

Step 5.

Now, using the triangle as a guideline, draw in the bulb on Bulbasaur's back. The rounded section of the bulb takes up 2/3rds of the bulb, and the sprouty bit at the top only takes up 1/3rd.

Step 6.

Now draw in Bulbasaur's features. Don't forget the two little slits for the nose. Tip; you can look up different expressions by searching for Bulbasaur images on the internet.

Step 7.

Finally add in Bulbasaur's markings on his face, body and legs.

Step 8.

That's all folks! You now have your very own drawing of Bulbasaur! Congrats, I hope you found this tut helpful, and I would love to hear from you in the comments bit :) Stormy x

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Artist: mstormw
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Description: Okay so this is Pokemon number 2 in my collection of Poketuts. Bulbasaur is the grass type starter Pokemon for the 1st Generation games (Red, Green, Blue, LeafGreen, and FireRed).