How to Draw Cartoon Leopard

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You will need to draw some body lines and shapes like you see here. Start with a small circle for the head, and then draw the shape of the muzzle, neck, and then the body like you see here. Next, draw the lining for the legs, and the feet.


Now you can begin sketching out the shape of the head, ears, and then add some contouring to the body starting with the neck and back.


Add a smile, draw in a nose, and then draw the shape of an eye, and brow. What you want to do now is begin sketching out the legs, paws, bottom stomach lining, and hind leg.


Draw in the paws or toes, and then draw out the other hind leg. Lastly you will need to give this cartoon leopard a tail, and then you're going to want to erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing and prepare y   


The last thing you will do is draw out the spots on the leopard, and make sure you take your time so that this animal has a nice uniform spot pattern going on.


Now that you are all done, this is what your cartoon leopard comes out look like. All that hard work paid off because you now have an awesome cartoon style drawing of a leopard, one of the most popular animals of the wild.

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September 30, 2010

Description: I drew this cartoon animal a long while ago, but I haven’t uploaded it to the site until now. For my fourth tutorial I will be teaching you "how to draw a cartoon leopard", step by step. Drawing cartoon animals may seem like it would be pretty easy, and usually it is. But sometimes there are animals that are a little complex when you want to draw them in cartoon form. This drawing of a cartoon leopard was pretty simple, and what I liked most about it is the fact that I drew the leopard in a pose that makes the animal look like he is walking through his habitat without a care in the world. It is neatly drawn, and the spots are nicely drawn as well. This tutorial might be easier than you think when it comes down to actually using the lesson and drawing your own. If you want, you can add some of your own personal touches to make the sketch look more personal, and original. I always like starting a drawing with no concept in mind. What I mean by that is, when I figure out what I’m going to draw, I will add some random parts to the drawing in the background, or on the surface that the animal, person, place, or thing is standing or placed on. I guess it all has to do with personal preference. If you want to add something random, go ahead and do so, that is all up to you. Well that’s it guys, I will be back later with more drawing fun in a little while so stay tuned in to see what else I have for you all. Have fun everyone, and remember to join me live tonight with my special full session.

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