Artist: ChipPretzel / March 29, 2012

Step 1.

Draw a simple circle with another smaller circle inside it in the bottom right corner. See? Easy.

Step 2.

Draw a line down, an upward curve, then after the curve, a line up. It's that simple.

Step 3.

Draw the backpack straps and the backpack.

Step 4.

Draw his arms and hands then you have VCRR.

Step 5.

There's VCRR. I don't think there are colors for VCRR. Anyway, thanks for looking at my tutorial!

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Artist: ChipPretzel
Date Added: March 29, 2012
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Tags: draw cartoons, how to draw cartoons
Description: From my friend's comics. He's a floating guy who annoys Worm. If you want to draw worm, go to insects.