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How to Draw Lucky

Artist: Dawn / February 19, 2010
How to Draw Lucky

Step 1.

Instead of making the tutorial with the horseshoe behind the letters, I thought it would be more helpful if the letters where separate from the symbol. So having said that, start by drawing two parallel lines and then one vertical line in the middle.   

Step 2.

Now you can fully draw out the shape of the horseshoe and then draw the first of the graffiti letters beginning with the "L". The letters are twisted looking to add some style.

Step 3.

Here you will draw the "U", and be sure you draw the 2D effects on the inside and then the outside.

Step 4.

Draw the letter "C" and then draw some line detailing on the horseshoe as you see here.

Step 5.

You are almost done with only one more letter to go after you draw out the "K" like you see it here. The "lucky" lettering is relativity easy to draw out as you can see.

Step 6.

Lastly, draw the "Y" and have the tail crossing under the letter "K", and some of the "C". Add the nail holes to the horseshoe and you are ready to start erasing the guidelines and shapes to clean up your drawing.

Step 7.

Well guys, you have just learned how to draw lucky and here is what your drawing should look like. Color it in the St. Patrick's Day green and your done. Hope you guys had fun everyone, and be sure to join me again.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 19, 2010
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Description: After the weekend is over it will officially be the last week of February, and the following Monday will be the first day of March. There is a holiday that is celebrated by the Irish called St. Patrick's Day which falls on the seventeenth of March of every year. Now in light of that day, I wanted to draw some graffiti letters that represented what the Irish holiday is known for. You will be taught "how to draw lucky", step by step”. The word lucky says it all when it you think of leprechauns, horseshoes, rainbows, clovers, and pots of gold. For some reason all these objects are associated with Saint Patty's Day. Want to hear something interesting about the reason why everything is green on St. Patrick's Day? Well for one, as you know Ireland is known for being a lush green island. Because of this, Ireland has earned the name “The Emerald Isle” which is why everything that has to do with the holiday is green. Coloring white carnations green is another way to build your own luck if you can't find that four leaf clover in a bed of grass. If you want to make your own green colored carnations, here's what you'll need; one or a dozen of white carnations, a vase or something suitable to place a flower or flowers in, warm water, scissors, green food coloring, green tape (preferably floral tape), a pin, and last but not least, time. Now once you have all the items on the list you can get started with this fun activity to prepare for March 17th. First add the water to the vase, and then add the green coloring until the water turns a dark green. Next, cut about half inch of stem off the bottom of every carnation, and be sure to cut the stem on a slant. Put the flowers into the green green water, and then all you have to do next is wait twenty four to forty eight hours. Come back to the solution and you should have yourself some fresh smelling green colored carnations. You can try this trick using other food colors as well to make any colored carnations you wish. A pretty pastel boutique would make a beautiful Easter gift for your mom, dad, aunt, grandmother, or any other person you hold dear to your heart. Another cool thing you can do is snip the flower a little more then half and use the pin to attach the flower to your jacket, bag, or hat. That does it for me and for this tutorial. I will be back soon with more drawing fun so stay tuned in. Peace people and have fun drawing lucky, and staying lucky!