How to Draw a Black Leopard, Cartoon Black Panther


Draw a circle for the head, and a 'pear' shape for that leopard's body. The line down the head helps you figure out were to draw the eyes which we will draw later on.


Next draw simple shapes for feet, shoulders, legs, and a curvy line for the tail. This leopard is sitting down, so the leg on his other side wont show that much so a shape wont be needed.


Finally for the last part of the sketch you need to draw a shape for the snout and nose, which should be somewhat of a 'triangle' shape. Two circles for the eyes, and two pointy triangles for the ears.


Now it is time for the details! First we start with the head. The head should be around and should have somehow of puffy cheeks, because if the head was completely round it would look a bit silly and not really cat like. Also don't forget to add some   


To finish off the head you need to draw the ears. The ears should not be plain triangles, but should have a somewhat curvy look it them. Next the nose, then finally give him a nice smile, a lower jaw, and some spots on his snout to show were the whis   


Leopards are sneaky and should have a slick skinny body. Also don't forge to finally add the whiskers!


Next, simple add the lines for the limbs. Don't make them to jointy or to straight. This leopard is relaxed and the limbs are a little bent.


Now time for paws! Add some lines showing toes, and a little 'toe' on the sides of its arms.


Last, draw the tail. It should be curvy and free flowing.


Now just add a nice black outline and coloring him in anyway you like!


For my black leopard a coloring him a dark purpleish color, because plain black can be distracting to the outline.


Just add some fun shading and your done!

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October 6, 2012

Description: This is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a black leopard, or any other big cat of your liking! when drawing you should always start out with a simple, fast, and rough sketch to help you figure you were to put the final lines. If you start with the final lines first you can get limbs in the wrong places and get awkward poses. Enjoy!

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