How to Draw a Leopard Head

Artist: Dawn / September 2, 2013

Step 1.

Start off by making a good sized circle for the head guide then sketch out the shape of the neck.

Step 2.

Next, begin sketching out the facial structure for your leopard head like so, then draw the snout and jowls.

Step 3.

Up next, sketch out the shapes of each eye like so, then add some shading around the inner part of the eye to create the depth that leopards have. Draw the nose and then move along to step four.

Step 4.

Continue to work on sketching out the rest of the head and face shape like so. You will then sketch in the hairy neck, then draw the ears and cheek line.

Step 5.

Next and lastly, erase the mistakes before you start sketching in the leopard spots. Once you have finished drawing and coloring in the spots, you can add detailing to the ears, forehead and add the whiskers.

Step 6.

Here is the line art when you are finished. Now you can color in your leopard drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 2, 2013
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Description: Okay guys here is another animal head tut that I said I had for you all. Up next we will learn "how to draw a leopard head", step by step. Leopards are one of my favorite big cats because of their beautiful stature. I really had a lot of fun with making this leopard head and I know you guys will too. There is so many other animal heads that I could draw but I'm really trying to keep things simple and basic. So go ahead and tackle the task of drawing a leopard head and while you do that, I will prepare my next tut. Adios mi amigos.