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How to Draw a Baby Dragon

Artist: Chipmeow / May 16, 2014
How to Draw a Baby Dragon

Step 1.

Draw a circle for its head. Add guidelines and draw its nose

Step 2.

Now draw its body's shape. Add some guidelines for its front leg and its wing

Step 3.

Using the guidelines on its body, draw the basic shape for its wing and its legs

Step 4.

Now you can completely draw the wings and add its tail

Step 5.

Let's finish its head! Using guidelines you can draw its eyes and the scale on its head. Add horns and draw the nose

Step 6.

Now we can erase all the useless lines. Draw the scales on its back and tail. Draw its claws and erase the lines below

Step 7.

Now simply add it some details and it is done!! :D

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Artist: Chipmeow
Date Added: May 16, 2014
Steps: 7
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Tags: draw dragons, how to draw baby animals
Description: Hi guys! I'm back with a second tutorial :D This is a very simple dragon. I hope you'll like it!