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How to Draw a Simple Wolf

Artist: Chipmeow / May 16, 2014
How to Draw a Simple Wolf

Step 1.

Draw a simple circle that will be used for the head

Step 2.

Now add a circle for its nose, and its ear

Step 3.

Use the circle to draw its nose and its mouth.

Step 4.

Draw two circles. One for its chest and one for its back. And add a line to make its leg

Step 5.

Now draw its tail. I like to draw wolves a big tail, but do it as you prefer. Also draw a line to make the definitive back shape. Draw its back and front leg's shape

Step 6.

You can now finish the head and chest. I did them fluffy, but you can draw them as you want

Step 7.

Now erase the useless lines, and it's done! You can now add some details to customize it :D I hope this tutorial helped you!

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Artist: Chipmeow
Date Added: May 16, 2014
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Tags: how to draw wolves
Description: Hi! Here's my first tutorial! This is a simple baby howling wolf. I'm not totally sure if all steps are clear, but I hope you'll enjoy this little tutorial :D *I am french, so sorry for all the mistakes .-.