How to Create a Fire Effect

Artist: cris54 / May 24, 2010

Step 1.

First I have three samples all three have a diffrent type of effect lets do the first:the outline effect, you should notice Four diffrent colours they represent each fire layer:Light Cream,Yellow,Gold and Orange.Lets begin outlining with the first "C   

Step 2.

Lets begin outlining with the first "Cream" lets start by out lining a portion of the heat source or the middle!Like in the Diagram above

Step 3.

Now do the same for the other two keeping the outling Medium!Like this!

Step 4.

Now do the same for the other two keeping the outling Medium!Like this!

Step 5.

Then finally the Orange like so the outlining depends on the amount of space left! Now reflect on your sheer precision!the other smaller flames usually looks darker so you choose your colour!

Step 6.

The next Effect is the spike effect same as the outlines but we use spikey Designs lets begin! start with the lightest colour a keep moving!the first is shaped like this!

Step 7.

Now lets do the second one with a tinner Coat!

Step 8.

O.K then now let the third coat be a little more thick and more spikey!

Step 9.

Finally the last coat should be the most and the thickest one!

Step 10.

Now for the best Effect it's the wave it's not the same as the outline it comprises of smaller flames lets begin, use a light colour and create a series of flames at the bottom end of the fire.refer to the diagram

Step 11.

Repeat the process with more thicker Flames.

Step 12.

then use a darker colour to repeat this process keep reapeating until you're finished! Tone the little flames and Viola! you're done hope you're not Tired!

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Artist: cris54
Date Added: May 24, 2010
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Tags: draw fire, how to draw a fire, draw fire and flames, how to draw flames
Description: Hey everyone...I had a little problem with creating a fire effect or rather drawing fire this tutorial will help in that specific term of problem and also in colouring your drawn object..thanks to "Linking Park" for the late Nights and also "abomb" k lets begin! Note* Everything was created in MsPaint for windows XP Or Vista