How to detail and Colour a Close-up Sketch

Artist: cris54 / April 4, 2010

Step 1.

Use or select apropriate colours for the skin tone(s) the same should be considered for hair,eyes etc.

Step 2.

Lets begin with the face, begin defining the light position of the surface once you found your light source you can begin shading/Burning(photoshop Users) Remember there is less light where there is hair/Caps/Hats etc.....Remember to get under lips a   

Step 3.

Now if you're satisfied lets move on.Now we must begin lightining our light Surfaces ie: remember there's less light where hair lies.Using the dodge tool lighten the cheeks,chin etc

Step 4.

Now try to tone the lips,darken the side(s) and lighten the centre of both lips,then darken the upper eyelash and eyes and lighten the Pupils a little

Step 5.

Almost finished,Next lets make the hair a little relistic by delivering a tone.Start by making streaks along the scalp from the centre to the end.Then shade from your desired light source.(you may use the brush or burn tool.)

Step 6.

Next we finish off with the shading of the neck and accessories!

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Artist: cris54
Date Added: April 4, 2010
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Tags: how to sketch, sketching in pencil
Description: Hello everyone,Within this tutorial i will be demonstrating how to colour a close-up sketch,Wheather it may be digital or hand drawn,this is my very first tutorial, hope it has uses.So lets begin.I will use this Digital sketch of Aurora a Mainiac character of mine.Aurora changes rapidly her first sketch was to render a lost teen when i got the lunatic persona from a friend of mine