How to Draw a Melting Rose

Artist: Dawn / August 24, 2015

Step 1.

Start off by tackling the rose first so draw a circle for the flower bud. Add the guidelines in the center to start the petal process.

Step 2.

Begin drawing the first two petals which are large because they are on the outside and they are also the oldest petals on a rose flower.

Step 3.

From the center of the draw, draw the raging flame as it begins it's fire from the center of the rose being so hot.

Step 4.

Lastly, draw the hint of rose petals on the left side of the inner part of the rose and draw the dripping lava from the petals melting. Erase your mistakes and you are done.

Step 5.

Here is the drawing that you can now color in. Be sure to get creative when making a background for your melting rose drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 24, 2015
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Tags: how to draw roses, how to draw flames, how to draw fire
Description: I had a lot of fun making this next drawing lesson because it's based on two things I happen to love; flames and roses. Up next, we will enjoy learning the task of drawing a melting rose. To make things different I wanted to show how the rose is melting not from the Sun, x-rays, or ovens, but from the pit of fire that is so hot, flames start burning and things start melting. There are small dashes or fire sparks in the background to give it that extra effect so it stands out on the front page as something more than just another rose drawing tutorial. This time, it's fun, rockin, and easy. I do hope you like my concept on drawing a melting rose even if the description of the idea didn't make sense.