Drawing and Coloring Anime Eyes in Sai


For this Eye type, I start with a slightly curved line going upwards and once I'm satisfied with the length, I curve the line just a bit down. The eyelashes are the lines going outside the main line.


Next, I draw a thin line for the lower lash line going down and then again at the end going up. I usually add also the little end at the upper lash line which is going down as if it is invisibly connected to the lower lash line.


And now I just add the outlines of the iris. You can do it in the other shape which you prefer.


When coloring eyes in SAI or photoshop, before I start coloring the eyes I choose grey or some other colour and on the new layer fill the whole area I'll be working at. After that I make another layer and put it an top the layer where I filled the ar   


Now, I make another layer and again put above the base coloring and ,,grey area,, layer and put a clipping mask. When we get to lights, I just repeat the layer process. So, now, I take a darker shade and I saturate it a bit. Draw the pupil with the   


On to the lights we go. This is the most fun part in my opinion. I went for a bit yellow for my lights. I used the luminosity effect for my lights layer but you can skip that. Play around with the lights and find the light placement you like the best   


Drawing anime eyes isn't hard and you can go pretty crazy with the designs. So don't be afraid to experiment. I drew some variations of the eyes, some are semi realistic. Some other tips when coloring anime eyes. On my lineart layer I put the preserv   

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August 28, 2014

Description: So...I'll be showing some variations of anime eyes and explain some other things also like coloring the eyes etc...Oh, yeah. The eyes are done in SAI but you can use similar techniques on paper if you don't have a tablet. :) Oh and this is my first tutorial so it isn't the best. All eyes were from my imagination so if anyone viewing this who drew similar eyes and published it online, please, don't be offended. They just came out similar.

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