How to Draw and Color an Anime Eye

Artist: terraturtle / August 13, 2012

Step 1.

Draw the upper lid and lower lid, they should be relatively thick. If you are doing this digitally, outline it and use a paint bucket to fill it in.

Step 2.

Draw the the outline of the iris, I suggest doing this in a light grey.

Step 3.

Draw the pupil and color it jet black. The reflection of light should be slightly smaller than the pupil itself. If you're using a computer than use paint bucket again and dye it white.

Step 4.

Add top and bottom lashes.

Step 5.

You can color the eye any color you want but I chose blue because it's really easy to work with. Also, take two different shades of light grey and fill in the area between the lids.

Step 6.

Take a much lighter color and add it on in two streaks to the iris. If you're using a computer, use the airbrush tool and then use the smudge tool over the edges to blend it.

Step 7.

Add an eyebrow if you want and smudge everything together once more. TA-DA!

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