How to Draw Post Malone


We will begin with an oval shape for the head guide, then draw the shoulder, facial and hand guidelines.


We will get started with drawing out the shape of Post Malone's face. On the outer parts of the head shape go ahead and sketch in the curly hair and rough looking beard.


To get started with drawing the face you will need to draw the eyebrows, shapes of his slanted eyes (based off the expression) and then sketch in all the detailing and definition around the eyes and forehead. Don't forget to color in the eyes black t   


Continue to work on drawing Post Malone's face by drawing the shape of his nose. Once that is done go ahead and color in some nostrils, frown lines from his wide smile he will have later, and then the bottom lining of his lip. You will also sketch in   


Complete the face bu drawing Post Malone's mustache. As you can see he has hairs that hang well past his top lip. Almost like an exaggerated look. You will also start the process of the teeth as well.


Fill in his mouth with the top and bottom row of teeth. That's pretty much it for this step


We will draw in more of his curly wild looking hair to the back part of his head. When that is done you can draw in the shape of his neck as well.


Now that the head and face is done, we can get started with drawing Post's body or torso. Start with his wide shoulders which will end up being his shirt too. Add the shirt collar and some wrinkles in his clothes.


All we have to do now is just draw in his forearm, hand and cigarette that he is holding between his fingers. Add the knuckle detailing along with the nails and bones. Erase the mistakes if you made any and the guidelines too.


That's it, you are done and ready to color in your drawing or art of Post Malone.

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October 6, 2020

Description: Hey guys, here is a short description on this rapper that I wanted to make a tut for. You may have heard of him, his name is Post Malone and he sings that song 'Rockstar'. Anyways, this lesson will show you how to draw Post Malone. His real name is Austin Richard Post and he is definitely an odd looking dude. His mouth is filled with gold, his hair is wicked curly and he has a strange sense if style. Well, I hope you like this tut I will be back with another.

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