How to Draw Donald Glover, Childish Gambino


Again, like always we will start this step by drawing the guidelines and shapes to form a workable table to create this portrait.


We will start to draw Donald Glover's head or forehead on the right side. He is being drawn on an angle so be sure the bone of the brow is prominent. You will also draw in the shape of his eye too.


Draw in the other eye and then the crinkle lines between the eyes.


Here you will start to sketch out the eyebrows, and Donald's nose. Take your time, you want this part to come out right.


You can now start to draw out the hairline, which then turns into the beard and mustache. Also, draw in Donald's lips too.


We will draw in his hairstyle or do and then draw in the ear. When you get the ear done right, add detailing inside the ear.


Finish this singer/actor off by drawing the shape of his neck and then the shirt and coat he is wearing over his shirt. Erase the mistakes and guides then detail the clothing.


That's it, you just drew Donald Glover or Childish Gambino. I hope you enjoyed this lesson folks.

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October 6, 2020

Description: So, the story behind this lesson is simple. Almost two years ago I found a few tracks from an artist called Childish Gambino. Now, I have never heard of this artist before, nor did I know who the actual performer was. The songs that I got hooked on was California, Me and Your Mama, and Have Some Love. A couple days ago Childish Gambino started to show up in the headlines and I was wondering why? I thought he was like an underground type of artist, because to tell you the truth I've never heard any of his songs on the radio so automatically assumed that he was like an underground performer. Anyways, I found out his real name is Donald Glover, that he was also an actor, comedian, producer and so many other things. I was really surprised to learn all this information and to top it all off, I also learned that he plays Lando in the new Solo movie which is part of the Star Wars saga. So, this lesson will show you how to draw Donald Glover who is also Childish Gambino. I hope you've heard of him, his music is really good,, and I would also recommend that you listen to his new hit 'This is America'.

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