Anime Boy Face Drawing Lesson

Artist: Dawn / June 21, 2016

Step 1.

We will begin with a guide for the and then draw the facial guidelines. Add the shoulder shape too.

Step 2.

Define the shape of the face like so, then begin to draw in the anime boy hairstyle which for this character I chose to go with a semi long style. The bangs are parted and hang loosely or relaxed off the sides of his face. Create more definition thro   

Step 3.

Up next, draw in the face. This is a strange face style, but I like it. Start with the eyebrows, big eyes, nose and grin. We will also draw in the shape of his ear and then detail the remaining parts of the hair and then color in the pupils.

Step 4.

For the last drawing step you will draw the shape of the anime boy's neck and then draw the shirt, shoulders, and then add detailing to the collar bone and shirt. Erase the mistakes and all the guides as well.

Step 5.

Just color in your anime boy face any way you like before showing off your art.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 21, 2016
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Tags: how to draw anime faces, how to draw boys, how to draw anime boys
Description: It's been some time since I uploaded a lesson that is based on something anime, so here is how to draw an anime boy face, step by step. This is obviously going to be super simple to tackle which means everyone can have fun with the lesson. There is only one thing that may be difficult and that is the hair or shirt. Other than that you should have a pretty simple task ahead of you. So go ahead and enjoy drawing an anime boy face. I will be back with other tuts so don't go away.