How to Draw Goth Boys


Let's first begin by adding the guidelines, draw these guides very lightly, they will help you draw the bodies anatomically correct.


Now, let's draw a profile goth boy face, by beginning with the facials first, following the guides the further along you work.


Then, draw the arm and hand as well.


Next, let's draw the torso region and the shirt.


Now, we will be drawing the frontal face of the goth boy that has long hair.


Draw the shoulders as well as the necklace with the cross.


Then, draw his arms crossed like shown. Don't forget to leave room for the wristband he is wearing.


Next, draw the shirt and the upside down crosses on it.


Let's then draw his legs, making his jeans nice and baggy with harnesses attached to them as well.


Go ahead and draw the striped pattern on his shirt, you can leave this step if you do not want to have this pattern. You can even draw some graphics on his shirt as well if you wanted!


Once you are satisfied with your sketch, you should have something similar to this! I hope this was an enjoyable tutorial, I loved making it :)

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January 15, 2020

Description: Hello everyone, and boy, do I got a treat for all of you. I haven't drawn gothic boys in so long, let alone see one in the real world today anymore anyways. I drew these guys really skinny and lanky for you all so they look like emo/goth boys, pick one you'd like to draw and we'll get started!

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