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How to Draw an Anime Boy

Artist: KiyuKoi / November 27, 2015
How to Draw an Anime Boy

Step 1.

First start off with the guideline on the body shape as shown

Step 2.

Begin to draw the hair and the facial features on the boy

Step 3.

Begin to draw his neck, and his chest. His clothes are very simple, full of triangular and rectangular shapes.

Step 4.

Draw the legs in a criss-cross way extended upwards. This uses a lot of anatomy practice!

Step 5.

Draw the boots and the hands//fingers

Step 6.

Add in the details and you are done!

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Artist: KiyuKoi
Date Added: November 27, 2015
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Tags: how to draw boys
Description: How to Draw an Anime boy~ This is my first tutorial I have ever done-like ever. Feedback is welcome! This is a simple tutorial of a boy sitting criss-cross.