How to draw a male head (Front)

Artist: JaneDonkey / October 19, 2016

Step 1.

Draw a circle! (You don't want the proportions to be off :P)

Step 2.

Draw guidelines and then the chin. (Tip: If you are drawing on paper, you can hold your drawing against the window to see the mistakes! I use it all the time ^^)

Step 3.

Draw the neck and ears!

Step 4.

Draw the lines for the eyes!

Step 5.

Draw the eyes.. (This is where my drawing went wrong lol.. please don't draw these eyes.. This isn't an eye tutorial so..) (And I didn't like the pupils so I changed them later..)

Step 6.

Draw the rest of the face. (I drew the nose and mouth again at the end.)

Step 7.

Draw the hair line. (You can skip this part but it is quite handy! )

Step 8.

Draw the hair! (See the hair flows from the hairline?)

Step 9.

The other half.

Step 10.

And the last step. (Nose job xD) Basic shading (Because it's a sketch..) ;-; I hope it helped... I really don't like this drawing... If you want an other male head drawing please comment! Thank you :3

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Artist: JaneDonkey
Date Added: October 19, 2016
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Tags: how to draw heads, how to draw anime boys, how to draw anime males
Description: Tutorial how to draw a male head..(I don't like this drawing at all it is one of my ugliest drawings but I still decided to upload this :P)