Drawing an Anime Girl Face


Here is a quick look at the different poses that you can draw in your anime style girl face in. You can draw her in a profile pose, quarter pose, and then a head on pose with a full frontal of the face.


As I said before, these are the many different types of face shapes, ages, and styles that can also be determined when choosing the right face for your anime girl.


Along with the different face shapes, you also have a choice of drawing different styles of eyes for your anime girl. Here you can see the three different shapes I made for you guys as an example. You can choose to pick which suits your anime face be   


When it comes to coloring your anime girl's hair, it's important to remember that there are different steps to getting that sheen. The base color goes on first, then you lighten up the base color with some highlights.


To get the shine to the hair, you will add more highlighting and then some shading. The shading varies because you will be performing both light shading and dark shading.


You will start the actual lesson by drawing the guide for the face, head and neck.


Next, take those guides you made and begin sketching out the actual structure for your anime girl's face. Draw the nose and then proceed to step eight.


Utilize the facial guidelines to draw in the long or wide shapes of the eyes. If you chose a different eye style, then work with that. We will then draw the brows and mouth, then detail the eyes with some soft lashes and soft texture inside the iris'   


Now that the face is complete, you can now sketch out the hairstyle. I chose to go with long, wavy locks that are also styled in soft chunks. Be sure there are layers for her hair as well.


Draw in the shoulder and some of her arm before you label this drawing finished. Once that is done erase the mistakes and the guides.


Here is the line art. Now you can color her in. Notice I added the left shoulder and some of her chest. You will do the same thing. Add color and you're done.

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July 29, 2016

Description: I do hope that everyone is enjoying their bright Summer days. A lesson that I have for all of you is one that I think will be helpful. Now I haven't done any real good anime lessons in such a long time so today I will be giving you a series of tuts that will come in very useful for when you want to draw an anime girl's face. This tutorial includes tips on drawing the face shape, eyes, and even how to get that sheen to the hair when coloring your character. The variety of face shapes differ depending on how old or young your anime girl will be. Anyways, let quit the chatter and get busy with drawing an anime girl face. I hope you enjoy.

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