How to Draw a Dragon for Beginners


We can begin by drawing the guidelines that will form a frame for your dragon. This should include the head, neck, torso, body, legs and wing guides.


Using the head guide, draw in the shape of the actual head structure, then draw in the pointed frills on the back of the head.


We will now draw in the dragon's snout, then draw the bottom jaw and small horn on the nose.


In this step, draw the eye, then draw more frills on the head. We will finish the dragon's face by drawing the nostrils which are small swirl shapes, then add some teeth.


Let's start the body next. You will draw in the long neck, then draw the angled body shape followed by the legs.


Draw in the other legs, then draw the pointed talons or feet. Also finish drawing the body which is just the belly.


We will now draw the long crooked style tail, then add the arrow for the tail tuft.


We will draw in the arm for the wing. This should also include the fingers which will be wrapped in wing skin tissue.


You are now ready to finish drawing your dragon by making the marking line down the neck, chest and belly. Then draw the nail bed lines, as well as the scales and spikes down the back and down the tail. Finish drawing the dragon wings and then you ca   


Here is your dragon now that you are all done. Now you can have the fun task of coloring it in.

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March 22, 2015

Description: On with another lesson for beginners. What is one of the fantasy creatures that almost everyone wants to learn how to draw? If you answered with a dragon, you are right. Today, I will give you this tutorial on how to draw a dragon for beginners, step by step. It can be very complicated drawing dragons so I wanted to make sure that the dragon you will be drawing, is not so kiddy that no one will take you serious when you show them your artwork. So, having said that, I think you will find this dragon concept rather bold, realistic and simple. Have fun with drawing a dragon for beginners, please let me know if you liked the concept at all or if you would like to see another tutorial on a beginners style.

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