Millie, How to Draw Helluva Boss


Let us start out with the guidelines and shapes for Millie's framework.


Using those guides you just made, go ahead and start the drawing process for the hair/head shape along with both of her horns.


You will continue to work on her hairstyle and add the lines to the horns too. Once that is done draw in the right side shape of her face along with the shape of her outer eye and lashes.


Draw inside the lash outline we drew in step three and make her eyeball. When you are done with that repeat the same thing to the left side of her face. You will end this step with more hair addition, her mouth and the mark on the cheek.


Finish her hair and draw in the other eye. Once that is complete you can begin the drawing process for her shoulders, neck, and choker.


Draw in the straps and buttons for her top and the fall of the shoulder sleeves.


Next, draw in the rest of her torso and then draw the arms and marks along the outer sides of both her arms.


Lastly, finish the drawing by giving her half a bottom. Erase the mistakes and you're done.


Here is what Millie from Helluva Boss looks like when you finish. Now just color her in.

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April 1, 2024

Description: Okay, folks. I am back and with my return, I will fill a request that a member made for more Helluva Boss characters. Here is how to draw Millie, step by step. I don't know anything about the show, but I do know Helluva Boss is somehow linked to Hazbin Hotel. I hope you like the lesson. I will return tomorrow with more drawing fun.

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