Loona, How to Draw, Helluva Boss


Start off by drawing all the guidelines and shapes.


All you will do here is draw out the shape of her face and neck.


Using the facial guidelines you can draw out the shapes of the eyes and nose and color them in as well.


Next, draw in more of the face shape which is the cheeks, and one ear. Also finish the eyes.


Go ahead and finish drawing the entire top part of her head as well as the long hairstyle which is very bushy. Also give Loona a mouth.


We will focus on her torso next, but first draw in her spiked choker. Then you can proceed on to drawing her shoulders and some of the arms. You will also draw the pentagon on her chest which is part of her shirt design.


Lastly, finish the rest of her body starting with the arms, hands, waits, and hips. When you are all done you can erase the mistakes and guides to clean up the drawing.


That's it, you have finished drawing Loona from Helluva Boss. Now just add some color.

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January 26, 2024

Description: Okay guys, here is my last lesson for the day. Its a tut on how to draw Loona from Helluva Boss, step by step. She is a fox I'm guessing and has a real gothic look about her. She wasn't too bad to replicate, and I feel confident that you guys will have fun recreating her. Anyway, thanks for joining me today, meet me back here tomorrow to see what else is new.

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