T'Lyn, How to Draw Star Trek Lower Decks


First step, just draw the guidelines and shapes.


Next, draw the shape for the top portion of her head which also happens to be her bangs and headband.


Go ahead and draw the shape of her ear, face, and then her short hair. WHen that is done you can draw in the hair that frames her face.


We will tackle her eyes, lashes and eyebrows followed by the nose.


Finish the lower portion of her eyes, then draw in her lips, neck, and shoulders. Also, draw the lining for the uniform collar.


Finish her shirt design, then proceed to next step.


Lastly, draw the arms, rest of the stripes and then Star Trek Enterprise pin on her shirt. Erase the mistakes and all the guides.


Here is T'Lyn when you are done. Now just add some color.

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This is AMAZING thank you so much. All of these Star Trek Lower Decks tutorials are very helpful.

You are very welcome. I'm happy you enjoy and learn from them.



April 3, 2024

Description: Hey there, everyone. Here is another requested lesson on a Star Trek Lower Decks character. Today I will show you how to draw T'Lyn, step by step. She was a rather simple Star Trek character to draw so I know all of you who tackle her, shouldn't have too difficult of a time completing the task. I hope you enjoy it. Remember to like, love, fav, comment and SHARE!

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