Love In Utero Drawing Lesson


We will start with the sternum bone like so and at the top is where the the collar bone is half way formed.


Start on the left side and begin drawing the rib bones to form the rib cage.


Repeat the same feat on the opposite side until you have a completed rib cage drawn out.


Here you will draw the pieces to form the lumbar spine like so. These sections are just four pieces that are in a row.


Right under the bottom left rib bone draw in the fetus' skull and the face which is the hollow of an eye, the nose and teeth lines.


We will now draw in the baby's skeletal arm and fingers like so.


Up next, draw in the small pieces of spine bone to create the baby's curve.


Add the rib bones and you are done here.


Lastly, draw the pelvic bone and then draw the legs which are also skeletal. Don't forget the toes too to complete the feet. Erase the mistakes if you made any.


That's it. This is the line art now that you are done. All you have to do is color in the drawing.

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August 11, 2015

Description: Yesterday when I was listening to Radio Head's song 'Creep', I started drawing this concept that I am calling Love In Utero. It's basically a skeleton concept that shows an X-Ray version of a baby and mother and how they bond together from creation, birth and for the rest of the child's life. Love In Utero is a very delicate concept because it means a whole lot than words can even say. The picture is supposed to be the words because to me, when a human creates another human, that's a miracle in itself. I do hope that you folks like this concept. I think it came out awesome and bright. I will return with other tuts so stick around to see what they will be on.

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