How to Draw a Crying Couple


Begin by drawing the head and body guides like so. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, draw in the shape of the female's face like so. Notice how the characters are only being drawn from a side profile. We will draw in the hair next which is layered with curls.


Add detailing to the hair and then draw her closed eye along with the thick eyelashes.


Finish the head shape, then draw in the length of her hair. Follow up by drawing the girl's ear and add detailing inside the ear.


Tackle this task by drawing her body starting with the neck, torso, shoulders and then her arms. Add the clothing lines and move to the next step.


We will start with this step by drawing the shape of the head and then sketch in the long, straight, shaggy hair that is drooping from his head being tilted down.


Draw the shape of the face and then you can draw in the top part of the arm. Don't forget to draw in the face and the thumb.


Up next, draw the body. Start with the shoulder, and then the shirt. The arm should be skinny and straight line. Add wrinkling to the shirt and then proceed to step nine.


Draw the hands for your female and then add her other arm and then her bracelet. Erase those guidelines and shapes then you're done.


This is how the drawing comes out now that you are done. Color in your drawing and you're done.

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April 17, 2017

Description: So, everyone knows that I often fill requests by anyone who sends one in, and for the most part I fulfill what is asked of me even if it takes me a while to get your request done, you can be sure that eventually you will see what you asked for. The best requests are the ones that are cool ideas that I didn't think of. That is the case with this lesson. I was asked if I could make a couple with the boy sobbing to his girlfriend and or friend for comfort and support. I liked the idea so much, I went ahead and made this lesson on how to draw a crying couple, step by step. Yes I know that the male figure in this drawing is heavily weeping, but the female is also crying because she feels so badly for her friend/boyfriend. I think this concept will be liked by many folks and if you have an idea that you would like to see on Dragoart, just let me know and I will get it done.

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